I have my advanced certification in Denise Linn’s “Interior Alignment”™ feng shui discipline. Over the last 30 years, I have garnered considerable experience in a variety of disciplines including dance, yoga, aroma therapy, crystals, and art (specializing in pottery, painting murals and clothes). I also recently graduated from Amadea Morningstar’s professional training in Ayurveda nutrition and self care.

Astrid Uryson

Astrid Uryson

I have an intuitive ability to help people balance the energies in their environments with simple and actionable changes that create beauty, sustain well-being and support intentions. My clients appreciate my sensitivity to their unique needs and my customized approaches which are clear, easy, and effective.

Here is what clients are saying about me:

“I have known Astrid Uryson for 12 years, and have consistently recognized her innate ability with invisible energies as well as with the visible world! She is sensitive, discerning, aware, and responsive in a delicate but strong way. I witnessed her circumnavigate her varied talents, but was fascinated to watch her put many of them together in her new practice of “Interior Alignment” feng shui. She has helped me in my own home several times, through some very delicate and difficult times, and her sensitivity is profound and accurate, without embarrassing me with the depth and intimate nature of what she notices! I think she has definitely found a practice that embraces her whole being, and one that she can aptly embrace!”
– Jeanne Relyea, Santa Fe, NM

“Astrid has been a true gift of inspiration, joy, healing and transformation in my life. I have been very fortunate to witness and experience her talents for over 17 years. She is truly  an amazing artist and healer. Her way of making and teaching art is richly infused by the many and varied disciplines that she has learned and practiced throughout her life. She is a potter, a painter, a yoga instructor, a feng shui expert, and Ayurvedic and shamanic continuing student. At the core of her talent and passion is a phenomenal genuine open heart that loves to create from clear inspired intentions.
She has always inspired me with her ability to manifest into her life and her heart’s desires. Her collages have been one of the most powerful and efficient tools of change and transformation that I have witnessed. In my personal life,I have experienced her effective ways of bringing change after participating with my kids to a wonderful workshop that she gave in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At that time I was looking to move the energy in my life. I was wanting to be more organized. We made an intentional mobile. After a month of having the mobile hanging in my living room my whole house transformed! The atmosphere… the look were now reflecting and embodying the intention that I had set at the workshop.  It was truly an amazing experience … a gift from which I am still benefitting!
Astrid knows how to make you feel comfortable and at ease. She provides the most happy and relaxed environment which allows you to get in touch with your creative desires ….her studio has all the colors and the materials to create from the heart and Astrid wealth of ideas and experiences will bring for sure to life a very powerful life enhancing tool to bring intentions into manifestation.”
– Alessandra Dallera, Santa Fe, NM

“Astrid has an incredible ability to see through the clutter and “stuff” in my house. To the underlying energy lines – she helps me clear away old patterns along with old things, leaving a sense of refreshed well-being.
– Anna Darrah, Santa Fe, NM

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Specialties: Feng Shui Interior Alignment, Ayurveda Life Style, Pottery Art

Please contact me at astriduryson@gmail.com.